Summer Hues

Inspired by a trip to Dubai and blissed out by California weather these pieces were created on a sunny Saturday morning

Tassel hamsa ring is a unique piece inspired from authentic middle eastern heritage paired with handmade tassels which adds brightness and individuality to this fun ring


Hamsa (Khamsa kaf) is a palm shaped symbol that originated in the Middle East and North Africa that protects you from the evil eye and represents strength and power

Aladdin Shoes & Maharaja Jewelry

Strolling through the old markets of Dubai, I stumbled upon a little shop that had these to die for shoes


An explosion of colors, intricate details and just straight out of a different era

Later on that day I made my way to a Gold Market, which was also out of this world

 I mean would wear this - Maybe a Maharaja? Don't know, I've yet to meet one

Eggspectation x Sonia La Ronde

Recently worked with an amazing photographer and good friend Sonia La Ronde on a little project to edit and retouch 139 drool worthy photos of styled plates from Eggspectation

Breakfast is one of my favorite things in the world. Had a great time working on these while watching Chef's Table

Dreamin' of the beach

Having lived in Montreal for quite sometime now with zero vacation days, I was at home scroling through my friends' beach photos and feeling sorry for myself

With the desperate urge to sell my car, buy an inflatable unicorn float and run off to have a European summer by the Mediterranean, I channeled some of that energy and put a moodboard together that promotes being in a vacation state of mind all year round where it ignites an irresistible spark to provoke my curious mind, empowering me to embrace each day to its fullest.... and then went on to freeze my ass off at the pool and reported to work Monday morning

All photos used belong to their respective owners 

All photos used belong to their respective owners 

Itsy Bitsy

There was a time when I used to go on long night strolls/runs when I lived in Florida, to clear my head and get some exercise in

This one time back in 2011, I encountered a huge ginormous spider that I had to run back home pick up my camera and shoot away

A few years later on a random Saturday going through my photo archives I stumbled upon these gems and got super inspired to recreate these photos in a different medium

Some research and shopping later resulted in the Itsy Bitsy Spider Ring that is designed to embrace a dark side of you in a modern sophisticated way

National letter writing month

When was the last time you received a hand written letter from an old friend? A family member? A loved one? The kind that were so carefully crafted that lets you feel their scent through the paper and gets you lost in the perfect imperfections of their handwriting and scribbles

April is The National Letter Writing Month, so we wanted to pay homage to the long lost art of letter writing

Being a hoarder of fine things, I looked through the boxes of stuff that I have and found lots of postage stamps and got so fascinated with the endless possibilities of things I can do with them. I I was overwhelmed - I felt the need to create something as a token of appreciation to that art, and to bring more people back to it

So through Anteiqa, a little shop that creates vintage jewelry that I cofounded along with my cousin, we started looking for ways to use those stamps in our creations. We decided to make rings, I mean what is more symbolic than a ring! But after lots of failed attempts and multiple trials with paper stamps, we started looking for vintage stamps to send out the same message but perhaps with a more durable material. Luckily, we were able to locate four exquisite pieces that roughly date around the 1980s from a gentlemen who also collects stuff

With combined magical forces, we were able to create something ever so wonderful! ♥

And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss.
— J. K. Rowling