Complete uselessness put to use


I enjoy collecting any material I can get my hands on from vintage little gems to scrapes of wrapping paper, not that I’d like to admit it, but sometimes even leftovers from my shredder.. I’d never know when my soul will digest certain events and come up with brilliant ideas, or whenever I will feel the need to create, it happens when I least expect it so I always have to be prepared! At least that’s my excuse for the clutter around the house. 

But here is the thing, reality always proves me right and today was one of those days. 

After a recent trip to Egypt, I got a cold and  been fighting it for almost a week now, and today was one of the absolute worst, couldn’t get out of bed, and as much as I’d love to spend the day catching up on all the shows I watch on Netflix or go through my must see movie list, I was bored out of my mind!! Don’t get me wrong, I like wasting time, in fact I ENJOY it.. but not when I have to.

So this morning on my way to the kitchen to make one of the magical Egyptian cold remedy drinks (ginger, lemon, honey, hot water, a drop of olive oil) I stumbled upon a box of stuff buried in my closet. In there were lots of stones and beads I’ve collected along the way among them were some turquoises, pearls, a few silver pieces and other stones that were all from a market in Old Cairo, Egypt. So thankfully, creativity kicked in. Took a huge tray, my remedy drink, tools and got to work. 

I made four necklaces for my mom and grandma, why? cause why not! 

Thankful for a completely useless day put to use!