Chocolates on Quotes

It was a student project where we were given complete creative freedom to create a project where we can practice dielines - Complete freedom! Ouchhh.. exciting yet super overwhelming 

Anyway after a lot of going back and forth with ideas, I decided to design a package of my favorite thing in the world - Chocolate! 

I usually buy things based on their packaging, regardless wether the product is actually good or not so based on that I wanted my package to have an element of flair, an incentive to make you buy it apart from just a pretty package

From there "Chocolates on Quotes" came upon as a rectangular shaped package with intriguing quotes that comes off as a fridge magnet, comes in a wide range of different colors, quotes and flavors // gotta collect em all! 


By far one of my favorite projects ever, if only it was real <3

Any chocolatiers wanna make it happen?