In search for the perfect painting

As a graphic designer, I tend to, sometimes, get too caught up with client work and lose sight of the true meaning of creating art. I got lost in the digital world, felt extremely over whelmed with all the great work of other designers that I look up to so I felt the desperate need for some art therapy

My husband and I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to put on the wall behind our bed, so instead of spending months in search for the perfect painting.

We decided to combine forces and create one! 

Even though I haven’t painted in over 4 years, I decided to listen to Audrey Hepburn’s wise words, “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m Possible”, and do the impossible! Instead of starting small to try to get back in the game, I decided to dive in deep and start with a big canvas

We wanted something simple that resembles both of our characters in a way, so we came up with a hipster Audrey Hepburn

He came up with the concept, I painted it