Anteiqa's Bookmarks

On weekends, my cousin, Rana, and I love to wander off to local vintage and antique shops/markets to look through stuff, hear stories, make some up, meet people and just get lost in it all 

After a while, we have collected so many things - It was getting out of control we knew we had to channel this energy into something, we were so fascinated by the whole process of collecting curating and we wanted to breathe new life into the things we collected

"Anteiqa" was born as a creative outlet for both of us, a place where we can wander off to places and create one of a kind pieces that turn to be great conversation starters and a perfect way for self expression

Every piece we create has a story, or an inspiration behind it

Our first baby was a bookmark collection which was created from pieces we've collected along the way, lots of material, tunes, and loooong nights

I loved the whole creation process, and specially the part where I Art Directed and Shot all the photos -

Most of em were sold at a tennis tournament the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research, all the rest sold through our etsy shop