Photo by  Sonia La Ronde

I'm Jamila Refky

Designer, Maker, Content Creator, Visual Communicator, Photographer, insatiably curious, introverted extrovert, GusGus’ mama, Groove™ facilitator, Egyptian/American and all over the place

Passionate about Cultivating meaningful relationships, Exploring new places, Stepping out of my comfort zone, Getting things done, Caffeine, Plenty of sleep, Knowing what drives other people, Tapping into creative energies

I want to create a life that lets my soul to dance inside my body, embrace inconveniences, live a creative existence

And most importantly - Je suis chocolat, always! 

This site is created and run by Jamila Refky as a creative outlet to share thoughts and creations, updated every-ish Saturday as a series she's working on #CreativeSaturdays.

Progress will be shared here every-ish Saturday